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  • Grand-Remedy-CBD-Tincture-Calm-MainImage

    Calm CBD Tincture


    Stop, breathe and create space for you. Find balance in this chaotic world. Made with kava, lavender, passionflower, and other adaptogenic herbs to help you nurture your chill. Take it easy.

  • Grand-Remedy-CBD-Tincture-Good-Vibes-MainImage

    Good Vibes CBD Tincture


    A happy-go-lucky mix of hemp-derived cannabidiol, ashwagandha and other herbs to lift your spirits even on your darkest days. Keep the good vibes flowing.

  • Grand-Remedy-CBD-Tincture-Moontime-MainImage

    Moon Time CBD Tincture


    Menstrual cycles don’t have to mean misery. Get relief during your moon with our blend of cannabidiol and herbs. Save your sanity.

  • Grand-Remedy-CBD-Tincture-Relief-MainImage

    Relief CBD Tincture


    Real pain relief starts with our synergistic blend of cannabidiol paired with black pepper & tumeric for maximum effectiveness. These three work together as a great team for pain relief and inflammation. Relief starts here.

  • Grand-Remedy-CBD-Tincture-Simple-MainImage

    Simple CBD Tincture


    t’s good to keep things simple. With only three ingredients it’s everything you need & nothing you don’t. Simply great tasting cannabidiol at your service.

  • Grand-Remedy-CBD-Tincture-Sleep-MainImage

    Sleep CBD Tincture


    rouble sleeping? We got you covered with our blend of cannabidiol, chamomile, hops & valerian root. Rest easy & enjoy your dreams.

  • Grand-Remedy-CBD-Tincture-Thrive-MainImage

    Thrive CBD Tincture


    You have a lot on your to-do list, get ready to get things done. Our mix of hemp- derived cannabidiol and other herbs boost energy, increase alertness, and dial in your focus. Wake up and tackle the day.

  • Grand-Remedy-CBD-Tincture-Xtra-MainImage

    Xtra CBD Tincture


    Our seriously strong blend of hemp-derived cannabidiol is design to help relieve what’s ailing you. This is not to be taken lightly. Simple ingredients, maximum effect.